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Megan Teerlinck

With Colorado Springs being the next victim of this horrific fire season, it is so important to document your assets in the awful event of a house fire. I wanted to take the time to inform everyone of a product called reddrawer.com. RedDRAWER is a web-based solution that provides a peace of mind amidst a tragic and stressful time. RedDRAWER allows you to record, store and upload all your important documents and receipts. It also allows for you to upload photos and descriptions of everything in your home making for filing an insurance claim simple and effortless.

It certainly doesn't take the devastation away, but this type of preparation will help take some of the headache away.

Please visit reddrawer.com to start protecting your home today.

Flame Pros

We have come up with a new and innovative exterior pump system. We work in conjunction with GelTech and use Fireice as our product. Nothing short of amazing. Devestation from Wildland fires will be around forever. With more and more to come in the future. More frequent etc. Budget cuts, governments not wanting to look into these new products,layoffs etc. We are just starting to get the word out regarding this system and what it can and will do to save your home, business, farms,barns,etc.The insurance companies are not giving property owners, the break they need and want in there policy. Why is this? New technology that works but no help for these poor people. We are willing to go to neighborhoods, firewise communities etc to educate the public let them know what is available, and save their homes. Please look us up at flamepros.com and lets see if we can get on the map to help our nation. What happens if it is true what they say about the terrorists getting ahold of our land and burning everything in there path. Not enough personel to cover this kind of situation. The bottom line is you have to be self sufficient. No question. So be prepared, be safe Take matters into your own hands. and let the government open there eyes. It will be better for our country,better for the economy. We consider our business a public service,and would like for the public to become aware what technology is out there for them so they can do something about saving their homes and businesses.fromwild land fires. They will continue to come and forever be destructive. Please help us and the public by spreading the word regarding our system and / or give us a call at 951-301-0247 and flamepros.com /linkedin under Flame Pros Exterior Fire Protection and Maintenance./and facebook..Thank you ,Paul Van Lingen Ceo Flamepros

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